Send fun, personalised greetings & ringtones to any mobile or email!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get the NameTonz app?
You can download the NameTonz app for FREE from your iTunes store.
How do I send a NameTonz card? 
Choose the category for your personalised greeting, such as ‘Romance’. Choose from the list of cards, for example, ‘Missing You’. Using the dropdown contact list, choose the person you would like to send the card to. Select either their mobile phone number or email address. If the person is not in your contact list, enter their name into the ‘First name’ field and add a phone number or email address in the ‘Send to’ field. Preview, add a custom message if desired, then click ‘Send’.
What can I do if the name I want to use does not exist in the NameTonz library? 
The app has over 1200 names, however, if the name selected is not available, then other options will be presented such as ‘babe’, ‘buddy’, ‘mum’ etc.
Do I need an iPhone to send a NameTonz card? 
Yes. At this point the app is available only for iPhones. However, it is coming soon to Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 handsets!
How much do they cost?
NameTonz works on a credit system; you are given 10 free credits when you download the app for the first time. Credits can then be topped up easily, purchased within the app via the iTunes store.

Both animated cards or ringtones cost one credit to send.

You also have the option to send or keep the audio only version of any animated card, which costs an additional credit. 

Normal data charges apply.
Do recipients need an iPhone to receive a NameTonz card?
No. If they have a smart phone (such as Android, Blackberry or Windows 7) they can click directly on the link provided in the SMS or email to retrieve their NameTonz card. If they have an older style handset they simply go online and visit to view the card.
How long do the NameTonz cards last?
Once they have been sent, the NameTonz card will expire after 21 days. If you received a ringtone, you can install it and save it on any handset that will play digital audio files such as mp3 or .wav.
How do NameTonz ringtones work?
Once a ringtone has been selected and previewed, you can send it to any email address. Ringtones do not expire, they are sent as an attachment to the email (m4r format) and can be installed on almost all modern handsets. This means you might choose to gift one of our tones, by personalising it with a friend’s name, or you can insert your own name and send it to yourself.
How much do NameTonz ringtones cost?
Ringtones cost one credit.
Download the free iphone app now and get free credits
Coming soon to blackberry, windows phone 7 and android