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Ringtones install guide


Standard handsets: Please refer to your handset install guide

iPhone: Follow the procedure below.

Import the Nametonz m4r file into iTunes.

Choose ‘Add to Library…’ from the ‘File’ menu, then select your Nametonz ringtone using the file browser.

File > Add to Library

You will now see a ‘Ringtones’ icon in your Library.

Library - Ringtones

Copy the ringtone to your iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to your computer, it should now appear as a device in iTunes.

Your 'iPhone' device'

Sync your iPhone to your iTunes library by selecting ‘Sync’ on your iPhone’s page in iTunes, or if your iPhone is set to ‘Manually manage music and videos’.

Manually manage music and videos

Next, simply drag the ringtone onto the iPhone icon in iTunes.

Drag the ringtone onto the iPhone

Assign the ringtone on your iPhone by doing the following:

From the Home screen select the Settings icon.

In the Settings menu select Sounds, and then Ringtone.

Settings > Sounds Sounds > Ringtones

On the Ringtone page select your Nametonz ringtone from the Custom menu.

Select your Nametone from the custom option

If you want to assign your Nametone only to a specific contact, navigate to the person in your contacts list.

You can assign it to a specific contact if needed

Select ‘Edit’ and then change the Ringtone option from ‘Default’ to your Nametonz ringtone.

Change ringtone from 'default' to your Nametonz ringtone


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